We're looking for the next great Retail*Star!

Madison Marquette, in collaboration with Bayfair Center, Bay Street Emeryville, and Guggenheim Entertainment, Inc, is proud to present Retail*Star, an innovative retail business incubator program designed as a competition for aspiring entrepreneurs who must use their individual drive, retail expertise, engaging personality and competitive edge to impress an expert-judging panel in this one-of-a-kind competition.

In 2011, the Retail*Star competition will be produced by Madison Marquette in two of its California shopping centers: Bay Street Emeryville and Bayfair Center. Aspiring entrepreneurs will work to impress an expert judging panel in this one-of-a-kind competition. Produced by Guggenheim Entertainment, the region will watch as the entrepreneurs compete in challenges, gain valuable insight from professionals and work their way toward becoming the grand prize winner.

This entertaining competition will be hosted by local entrepreneur and emcee Shannon Guggenheim and judged by local community leaders, city leaders, board members of the chambers of commerce, national retail experts, business owners, and members of the Madison Marquette leadership team.

Click here to follow the progress of this year's contest.

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